Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rainy Week

This last week was such a bitter sweet... we got to do a lot of fun things together and Kason left on Thursday. We didn't get to play in the pool a lot because it has been so rainy! I have never seen anything like the lightening and rain here! It is so amazing, warm but more rain then I have ever seen all coming down at once! The boys love watching it but if you walk out in it for more than 3 seconds you are soaking wet, so we enjoy it from the deck! The storm had just started and we went out to look....

Since it was pretty stormy all week we just played inside doing some drawings, plates and played with the slime! Kason loves sitting down with Kayleb (when they have the chance) and draw pirates, ships, dinosaurs, cars and maps! Kason is getting really good at his own drawings too and very good at coloring! We also did a lot of reading books from the library!

 Kason also did some tribal painting on himself!! :) It was so much fun!
Kason wanted to see the movie, The Pirates, it was at the dollar theater so we went! It was pretty cute and of course he loved it. Rixen did really good for the first 3/4 then we ran out of treats! We have to take his car seat into the theater so he will sit down (tie him down ;)) and is high enough to see! Really he normally just falls asleep because we try and go late at night or during nap time!

When we went to dinner Rixen loved the lemons he would taste them make a funny sour face then just keep eating them! He is so funny!


 After dinner we went over to Uncle Tyler and Aunt Teasha's house! It is always so fun having an uncle to play around with until someone gets their nose broke by a door and blood is gushing everywhere!!! No... he didn't brake it but it was gushing blood! Kason was pretty strong though he didn't cry for very long and he wanted to go swimming right after it happened!
The next couple days it was pretty swollen and black and blue, but the strong little man never complained about it hurting once!

Kayleb and I took the boys to a Children's Museum the day before Kason left called the Explorium! It is a hands on museum for kids where they get to play and interact while learning about lots of different things! It was so fun, not just for them but us too!

 Kason did a self portrait by looking in the mirror and drawing himself! He did such a good job, even with some very good details! All that drawing with Buck sure has paid off! :)

It was such a fun place to go learn and play! I wish they had more kid stuff in Utah like this! We really had so much fun this summer and did so much! I really wish Kason could have stayed the whole time, but I am so grateful that he got to come out as long as he did! With as much fun as it was I am so so sad he is gone my family is incomplete and I hate that feeling. I have cried a lot this week and am just reminding myself it is only a couple weeks then my family can be whole again!
 I am excited to see and do more in Bowling Green... Yes we are moving there tomorrow! It should be lots of fun we will be an hour or so away from Nashville and a lot closer to my Aunt Diane, so I hope to finally get to see her too!!

Thoughts for myslef

This post is more of a journal entry and maybe not something you care to read.. just some thoughts and feelings for myself.
Well Kason flew back home on Thursday, July 20th. I knew it would be hard to be away from him for a couple weeks, but I never imagined it would be this hard. I am so sad, I really feel like a part of me is gone. Laurel and Rick got to pick him up from the airport so he could spend a night with them and play with Haylie!! He was so excited to see them. When I talked to him I could tell how happy he was to see her he was really hyper and laughing so it made me feel a little better! Friday evening my mom picked him up and she said they went to Cabella's to look at the fish, they got some books from seagull book and where going to go eat out! I called him later that night to tell him goodnight and he was having so much fun! It is really hard to talk to him on the phone I get off and cry every time, but it is so good to just here his voice. I just have to remind myself that I get to see him and have our family back together again in just a couple weeks. This morning my mom and dad took him to the lamb day parade to get candy and meet Jordan.
At nights it is so weird I feel scared now that Kason is not here, not like he could protect me if he were here lol! It is just too quite in our home now! I can tell Rixen misses him a lot too! Normally in the mornings he would go in and jump on Kason and they would play together all day! Now he doesn't know what to do with himself, he just follows me around taking out everything I try and put away! It is really so fun how far apart they are, yet they are so close and love each other so much! I love watching them play together.
This summer I have learned so much and I think I have grown so much as a person and as a mother. I am so blown away by how much my boys teach me everyday! I always tell them I am the "boss" but really they are great examples to me and I learn so much from them! Before Kason left he got so good at reminding us to say our prayers before bed and at dinner! He has caught me a couple times and is so good to remind me of the words we don't say at our house. Kason has the most amazing memory and good heart. I hope that he will always remember this summer and the things we have done and learned together and will continue them outside of our home where ever he may be. Rixen is also so good at prayer he has learned to fold his arms and close his eyes some times it doesn't last very long but he knows how! He is so funny and always testing us to make sure we are watching, testing our patients and teaching Kason how to share better! I cannot express how grateful I am to have such amazing boys, an amazing husband, the gospel in our lives and to have this summer, to be a stay at home mom something I wish I could do forever! I will never forget this summer it has been such a good time for our family to grow so much closer together as well as so much closer to the gospel and good friends who are amazing examples!  I hope that I am a great example to my friends, family and mostly my children, I know I have a long way to go but I am trying to do better!
I am reading a book right now called Good Kids, Tough Choices by Ashworth M. Kidder. It is a really neat book and has opened my eyes a lot on how I act even to little simple things I do, watch and listen to I hope that I can keep these things in my mind at all times and make myself a better example to my kids and their futures. It is simple things in life that make us who we are and help us make good choices in life!
In church on Sunday we were talking about temptations and how they hold us back from the good things, about the church rules and how they are good for us and why.  A man put it in a way that I have never heard. His daughter was a teen and saying how the church has too many rules, that we only live once and we should just have fun... He asked her, "Do you know someone who has been addicted to alcohol, drugs or tobacco?, Do you know someone who got pregnant before they were married or in high school? look at those people and tell me what is harder and more of a bondage now simple rules that lead to happiness or these things?" I thought this was a great way for kids, teens and even some adults to understand the simple rules that we think hold us down so much, when they really free us from all the trials that come with the things we aren't suppose to do that we don't see upfront.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July fun!

 Pictures from the 4th of July! sitting in the shade waiting for the parade that started at 2pm, right in the middle of the heat of good ole Kentucky!

 The boys watching the parade trying to stay in the shade!
 After the parade he was so tired and fell asleep before we even made it back to the car!

This last weekend was a great weekend! Karissa found out about a concert called the Red, White and BOOM. It is put on each year by the local country radio station 98.1, this year they had Lauren Mink, Tyler Farr, Kristen Kelly, Jana Kramer, Love & Theft, earlier in the day and by the time we got there we were able to see Darryl Worley, Kipp Moore and Josh Turner!!! They all did an amazing job!
 I thought I would get all ready and do my hair curly but within the first 5 minutes I was badly regretting it wishing I would have pulled it up! It was only about 90 degrees at 7pm and by about half way through I am pretty sure it was all straight... but worth the concert!

 When we first got there Darryl Worley was on stage and we were making our way closer to the front! We ended up in a good spot near the front but not so smooshed in the drunk stinky crowd! ha
 Kason had so much fun he made some new little friends and was so excited when the fireworks came on after the show!

 This is a picture of Kipp Moore (Below)! Yes he is very good looking! :) (I would post better pictures but I don't have the cords to my actual camera out here.. well I can't find it if I do! So, yes you get my awesome phone pics that aren't so awesome) Then my so called awesome camera and phone died right before Josh Turner! AHHH :( Yes I was so mad but I got some pics from Michelle!! Thanks Girly for sharing!
 All the Vivint wives that went to the Red, White and BOOM concert!- Bexi & Jaylee, Me Rixen, Kason, Teasha, Michelle, Karissa, Olivia Jackson, and Taylor!!
 Me and My amazing boys! I seriously love being a mom and am so grateful for them in my life! I really can say I don't know where I would be without them in my life and am so grateful for their example to me! I am soooo greatly blessed words can't even explain how I feel! This has been an amazing summer and I will never forget it! I LOVE being a mom and can't wait for our next one to get here! ;) ha jk, just seeing if you were reading!
Josh Turner!!! He was so fun and has a beautiful smile, yes in deed! So our Saturday ended with an amazing singer and beautiful fireworks!
Before we went to the concert I was painting my nails and Rixen was watching after a little bit he put his foot by mine saying "uhh uhhh" when I told him no he pulled his pouty face so I painted his toes too!! He was so excited and even blew on them to dry them.

Sunday we woke up late and decided to sluff church and go to the Louisville Zoo instead! (Kayleb later regretted it when he got the flu that night and Monday ha ha) We will continue going to church from now on! ;) It was a great day for the zoo though, perfect weather overcast and a light breeze! But man oh man can I just say things are getting expensive I don't see how people can afford anymore kids! It was 41 dollars to get in, just for Kason, Kayleb and I (Rixen was free). I was happy that we packed our own lunches and smuggled some of our own water and snacks inside! lol It was fun and well worth it though! The boys loved it so much and they had so many animals and at least a few of each kind! The animals were so cute and up playing or walking around! 

 Kason pulling Rixen from the Giraffes, he didn't want to leave them... or any of the animals!
 Rixen was so cute he got so excited about each animal and had so much to "say" about them all, pointing and talking away or screaming! We had to literally pull him away and then finally just put him in the stroller because it was taking way too long to see each animal!
  They had these awesome misters all throughout the zoo Kason loved dancing in them while Rixen just opened his mouth trying to taste it!
 The elephants where getting a bath and so cute playing in the water! I could have stayed and watched them all day! I love the zoo but I think Kayleb always regrets taking me because I always want a monkey afterwards! He always has to remind me that we already have two! (an elephant too if I could)

 This was the cutest mini hippo ever and the only animal besides the Gorilla that Rixen was afraid of ha ha! It was so cute and was trying to kiss Kason. He kept following him around sticking his nose up to the glass!

 The Gorillas were huge! There was four of them and they are so muscular and fun to watch! I can see why people think we evolved from them they look and act just like most of our world today! 
Kason vs the Gorilla
Rixen vs the Gorilla
 Kayleb vs the Gorilla
Kason loved them and was following them around as the climbed and walked around. He was laughing that their bums looked just like ours but hairy! Rixen was scared at first and wouldn't even go near the glass then slowly got closer! We couldn't believe he was so scared of his own kind! ;)
 My honey and me!! I love him so much and am so grateful and blessed to have him in my life! In a weird way I am grateful for his trials and what they have taught me about myself and others. And most of all I am grateful for his strength to push forward and leave everything to have his family and work on his trials! He is doing amazing and I am so happy to have my best friend, husband and father of my kids back in my life for good and working on, for eternity!

 The boys watching a huge albino alligator! It was so big and was what Kason was looking forward to the whole trip!
 Kaylebs other love... snakes! AHHH It was enormous! The picture makes it look ten times smaller than it really was! Kason said he loved it and wanted to marry it! I told him it will just eat him... of course he didn't believe me. 

Besides all of the fun things that we get to see and do around Lexington and Louisville I would have to say our favorite is our daily trip to the pool and weekly trip to the library! I love the pool for the simple fact that I get to lay out, my boys are like fish and love the water and most of all it tires them out for a couple hours of quite time or bedtime for the night!
Kayleb, Kasey and Tyler like to see what they can jump over or what cool tricks they can do going into the pool! Sometimes they pull off cool things and sometimes they crash and just fall in, but they are always entertain everyone!
 Rixen likes to act like he is going to jump in, keeping us all on our toes for the day he really does it! He loves to follow the big boys and do what they are doing it is cute but I am not sure about who he is following (Kayleb, Tyler and Kason) They are great examples to a one year old... not!

 Kason likes to do tricks too, he can now do a front flip into the pool and a back flip under the water! He loves it when the boys throw him in the air and make him do back flips into the water as well as getting some serious air! He is far braver than I am (I would never let them throw me in!)... but I can't swim near as good as Kason either! He is an awesome swimmer for only being in water this year!

Tyler and Teasha sitting by the pool! Some days we skip the gym and just swim some laps or hit the gym then cool off playing in the water! Teasha's little belly bump is so cute! I can't wait for my new niece to get here!